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Established by the great visionary, Late prof. R.P. Sharma, M.L.A., the R.P.S. has carved out a distinctive niche in educational arena. Imparting high quality education has always been the priority. The selfless dedication of the faculty members has resulted in producing great talents in all spheres of education. Our students have their mettle not only in education milieu, but also in games, sports and other co-curricular activities.

I am please to find this institution making its mark in the annals of Secondary & Senior Secondary education, it is nicely being managed by a very dynamic Managing Director, it has a dedicated team of learned teachers working under the leadership of a talented, experienced and scholarly principal. They are so meticulously taking care of all the developmental needs of the young children in and outside the classrooms, in the gymnasium and sports grounds, and in the numerous co-curricular activities. The dreams and vision of Late Prof. R. P. Sharma has been successfully transformed into reality; it can be regarded as a living memorial of the ideals of the great educationist whose endeavour was to create institutions producing talented citizens of high moral values and firm character. As it has been well said that “ The end of all knowledge must be building up of character”.

We, at R.P.S. stand for quality and value; we strive to develop the overall personality of students by using the latest technology and by providing the state of the art infrastructure, maximum facilities to children to unfold their talents and develop their body, mind and sprit. Let me wish progress and prosperity to all who are busy in giving shape to the aspiration of the children admitted in this institution. I also wish the children a Healthy and Joyful Life along with a Rewarding and Successful Career.

Dr. Kumar Puspanjay
RPS Residential Public School Society
Bailey Road, Patna-801503
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